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About Nuvia

We’re constantly on-the-go. Be it physically or mentally. From school drop-offs to board meetings, every day is different. Some days require that extra energy boost, while other days we need to find ways to calm those nerves. The obstacles we overcome, the small victories we claim are all unique to us.

In partnership with our parent company STADA, we are on a mission to help you take on whatever comes your way. From waking up to winding down or anytime in between, Nuvia energy and calming supplements are designed to keep up with you, whether you need to lean in or lay back.

Pioneers in Personalized Nutrition

We are pioneers in personalized nutrition, drawing upon 125 years of experience in healthcare. We offer the highest-quality, effective, and natural formulations tailored to address specific conditions in a variety of delivery forms for convenient use at any time of day.

Rooted in Quality

Our products are formulated by experts and we have the credentials to prove it. Each one of our supplements are produced in a FDA-inspected facility and certified under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We don’t stop there. We conduct additional tests for purity, efficacy and safety so you can count on us every time. We take quality personally. So should you!

Clean Ingredients

Nuvia is a scientifically formulated line of great-tasting energy and calming supplements with clinically researched nutrients to provide energy and stress support without artificial extras. For great-tasting, convenient forms that help maximize delivery and absorption of key nutrients, add Nuvia to your daily health regimen.


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